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New Portable Floor in Milan: new Palalido for sports and concerts Allianz Cloud
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New portable floor in Milan: new Palalido for sports and concerts
Allianz Cloud, renamed “the spaceship” has a capacity of 5.300 seats, a roof completely covered with photovoltaic and insulating panels, lighting with LED technology, energy savings and spaces designed for disabled athletes and spectators.
New and important installation for our company, with a 900 m2 removable parquet floor manufactured and installed by Seicom. Palalido, the historic Milanese facility hosting sports and big concerts opens its doors again; Milanese citizens (and not only) are very fond of this structure, that has hosted major international champions: Dan Peterson with Olimpia Milano has won almost everything in this temple.
House of Olimpia Milano Basketball Team until 2010, when the parquet was a permanent system with a double understructure, maple parquet manufactured by Seicom, remaining operative until the demolition. Parts of this old parquet were recovered and inserted in the structure within the area reserved for disabled people in wheelchairs. Seicom also took care of both restoration and installation of these old parts.
Renamed Allianz Cloud, with an elliptical structure, covered roof, and integrated with photovoltaic panels, the structure - remained active until 2010, then demolished in 2012 - after a long series of interventions, has among its strengths the multi-functionality and inclusiveness. The structure was designed based on universal accessibility criteria, not only for spectators, but for athletes with disabilities as well.
The president of Coni Giovanni Malagň attended the inauguration of the new sports facility. «it’s not a question of opening something that did not exist. Even more has been done, a long game has been played. This plant - has claimed Malagň, is a symbol of this city ».
"Today we can give back to the Milanese citizens and to all sports lovers a modern, universally accessible facility that can be easily reached also by public transport", has stated the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, defining the facility as "ideal for hosting important events in the City".
The new Allianz Cloud will have a capacity of 5,309 officially declared seats; in its new look, reminiscent of a spaceship, it has had an almost complete restyling: from the internal structure to the external one, up to the adjacent air, the whole structure will become the home of Powervolley Milano, which really made it a Volley Academy; between 21st and 23rd June it will host Volleyball Nations League.
The Palalido was inaugurated for the first time in 1961; in the past it has hosted many rock concerts (among others those of Rolling Stones, Rockets, The Police, Deep Purple, Europe and Zucchero) until 2010, the year of its closure for renovation.

New Portable Floor in Milan: new Palalido for sports and concerts Allianz Cloud

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